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Welcome to I'm not a - The Official Anti Cougar website. Thanks for stopping by. It's the perfect place to stop and relax, if you're "all cougared out" from the recent flood of media attention regarding the overly publicized "cougar" phenomenon.

So whether this is your first time visiting our site or whether you are a return visitor, you may be wondering WHY anyone would go to the expense and invest the time to create

Why? It's simple, we have a message whose time has come! I'm Not A evolved as a result of a close encounter of the worst kind! Yes, that's right - we were simply trying to enjoy a glass of wine and dinner when we were approached and point blank, asked if we were "COUGARS?" When a woman or women, within a certain age range, can't go out and enjoy themselves, without being labeled or stereotyped, then something has to change. Thankfully, we chose to see the humor in the situation and the rest is history!

There are some other fun products and another logo on the way that will be on the website and our hope is that it will become a great venue for like-minded women to come together and share their thoughts and ideas on aging gracefully, with dignity and a great sense of humor. Does it mean that women shouldn’t date or marry younger men? Of course not, we highly recommend it! It just means that we should be able to do so without being labeled.

Come on ladies, let's take back the night! Show your support and join the Anti Cougar Coalition and start proudly flaunting your Anti Cougar status. Be the first in your office to sport a t-shirt on casual Friday,or proudly display a mouse pad or coffee mug on your desk. This is the only place you can get official Anti Cougar merchandise and download "The Anti Cougar Anthem."

The Anti Cougar Coalition is a young organization with a great sense of humor! We're just getting started and so we hope you will get excited at the prospect of joining our coalition for positive, lasting change. We need your help and support and encouragement! As our momentum builds, so will the content of our website. We promise! But we need you now!

We want to hear from you! Please keep checking back and become a friend on facebook and visit our blog. Both can be easily accessed here on our home page.

Download the Anti Cougar Anthem!